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Issue: Spring 2021, Volume 18, Number 2


artist rendering of exoplanet 51 Pegasi b

Beyond Our Solar System

Exoplanets 101: Hopkins scientists explain how planets outside of our solar system are created and discovered—and whether life might exist on them.

photo of overhead view of students studying in Brody Learning Commons

Cue the New Normal

The Second Commission on Undergraduate Education aims to reshape the Hopkins undergraduate experience.  

a collage of images of 1937 residential security map and abandoned rowhomes

A World More Complete

Historian Nathan D. Connolly investigates the brick wall of race, class, and real estate.

photo of red tulips in front of library on Homewood campus


A profusion of spring tulips greets visitors to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. [Photo by Will Kirk]


Sports Bits

Six highlights from Johns Hopkins sports this year.

Snapshot: From the studio of Sasha Baskin

Peek into fiber artist (and Center for Visual Arts instructor) Sasha Baskin’s home studio.

What Are You Reading

Our professors talk about books.

Faculty Awards

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences faculty won more than 30 awards over the last semester.

New Dean in Pursuit of Truth

How Christopher S. Celenza, James N. Knapp Dean of the Krieger School, is beginning to shape the future of the School in his first year.

Seen and Heard: Betsy M. Bryan

Betsy M. Bryan on her team’s discovery of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian city.

Seen and Heard: Nicholas Papageorge

Nicholas Papperige on establishing social distancing policies.

New Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Jeff Coller, a groundbreaking genetics researcher, has joined Johns Hopkins University as the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of RNA Biology and Therapeutics.

In Memoriam

Faculty and emeritus faculty we lost in spring 2021.

Seen and Heard: Martha S. Jones

Martha S. Jones on the first Black, female vice president.

Mellon Foundation Supports Inheritance Baltimore Project

A team of Krieger School professors was awarded a $4.4 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a humanities-based project focused on the history of racism in higher education and preserving Black history.



Assistant Professor Thomas Kempa uses chemistry as a tool to sculpt nano and quantum materials, known as “flatland” materials.

What’s Old is New Again

Emily Anderson, assistant professor of classics, and her team of 11 students are examining how and why the arrival of Ancient Greek and Minoan replicas made a splash in late 19th- and early 20th-century Baltimore, and how it impacted the identity of the ancient cultures.


More Faculty Books

Faculty books published in Spring 2021.

Words of Faith

Niloofar Haeri, professor of anthropology and chair of the Krieger School’s Program in Islamic Studies, talks about her book In her latest work, Say What Your Longing Heart Desires: Women, Prayer & Poetry in Iran.

Student Research

Field Notes: Privacy or Prevention?

Sophomore Lauren Maytin spent summer 2020 developing and analyzing a survey on digital contract tracing for people ages 18 to 24.

Field Notes: Cultured Cancer Killers

Junior Wesley Ravich on his work in pediatric oncology and cellular immunotherapy.

Field Notes: Poetry in Motion

Junior Sarah Elbasheer is studying Asian and Middle Eastern contributions to the history of science and medicine.

Field Notes: Stock Answers

Junior Johnny Saldana is finding and analyzing financial trends with large datasets, trying to find new ways to monitor stock movements.


Syllabus: From Idea to Animation

Students created hand-drawn characters and videos for Karen Yasinsky’s Animating Cartoons course last semester.

Major Infatuation: Physics and Astronomy

Students tell us why they love being Physics and Astronomy majors.


Bill Henry: CV

Focus on Bill Henry ’92, Baltimore City comptroller.

Discovery After Discovery

Nicole Gaudelli’s work in gene editing technology is helping to change the way genetic diseases are treated.

Alumni to Watch

Alumni won spots on the Forbes “30 under 30” list and the Donald Justice Poetry Prize.

Alumni Kudos: Spring 2021

Alumni accomplishments in spring 2021.

Slavery and Restitution

Caleb McDaniel ’06 PhD won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for History with his book “Sweet Taste of Liberty: A True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America”.

The Gullibility Quotient

Stephen Greenspan ’62 on his career in research on gullibility.

On Campus

Five Questions: Jessie Martin

Five questions with Jessie Martin, assistant dean for academic advising.

By the Numbers: COVID-19 Stats

Stats on how the spring 2021 semester went while still dealing with COVID-19.

Then and Now

Then and Now: Gilman Hall and the Beach.

Shots of Hope

Johns Hopkins’ students volunteer at the COVID-19 mass vaccination site at M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore.