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Issue: Fall 2020, Volume 18, Number 1


Giving Back Makes a Comeback

Students find innovative ways to volunteer in the community in the face of a global pandemic. 'We can still make a difference—even through a screen.'

Research in the Time of COVID-19

When COVID-19 began its assault earlier this year, many Krieger School faculty members quickly noticed ways the virus—or its impact—intersected with their own research interests. Here are some of their stories.

COVID-19-related Research

A sampling of additional COVID-19-related work underway by faculty members and researchers across the Krieger School.

"Voter Line" painting by Charly Palmer ©

It’s Time for Some Truth Telling

Professor Martha S. Jones explores fact and fiction in women’s right to vote.

fall photo of trees on quad on Homewood campus


Even COVID-19 can’t stop fall from arriving on Keyser Quad.


Sports Bits

JHU sports news from Summer and Fall 2020.

Snapshot: From the Office of Chaz Firestone

See what Professor Chaz Firestone’s office looks like. He surrounds himself with objects that give a nod to his team’s visual perception research.

What are you reading?

Kali-Ahset Amen, Assistant Research Professor, Sociology, Associate Director, Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts   I just turned the last page on Toni Morrison’s beautiful and concise novel Home. A Homeric story of a hero’s return to the small town that reared him, Home is like blues music with binding and a spine. I knew that Morrison’s lush storytelling, celebrating ordinary […]

Faculty Awards

Krieger School faculty have received more than 20 awards, nominations and accolades since our last issue.

First-Year Students Ask Deep Questions

The first-year Common Question sparks intellectual discussions and builds stronger ties between students and faculty. This year’s question is “What is the common good?”

New Dean Named for School

Christopher S. Celenza, dean of Georgetown College at Georgetown University and professor of history and classics, has been named James B. Knapp Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

A Fall Semester Like No Other

Citing concerns about a resurgence in COVID-19, President Ronald J. Daniels and Provost Sunil Kumar announced on August 6 that all undergraduate instruction, labs, and co-curricular activities would be held online for the duration of the fall semester.

Seen & Heard: Jessica Marie Johnson

Look who’s talking: Jessica Marie Johnson on magazine covers featuring Viola Davis and Simone Biles

Seen & Heard: Ho-Fung Hung

“The choice is between dying quietly without the world noticing, or dying with dignity with the world noticing, and at the same time creating the chance of causing some damage to the people who kill Hong Kong.” 

Seen & Heard: Meredith Greif

“If we don’t take drastic measures soon, many, many more millions of people are going to be in dire straits. If we don’t act fast, if we don’t pass legislation to put money in people’s pockets so they can pay their bills, society is really going to suffer. And I would want to emphasize that it’s not even about helping individual people […]

Seen & Heard: N. D. B. Connolly

“We have long felt that it was important for young people, really across the board, but especially for Black people to be able to find not just affirming representations of themselves in literature, but also really to just up their broad historical literacy about the Black experience in the United States.”

In Memoriam

We remember Robert Forster, Pier Larson, Sakiko Olsen, Douglas Poland, Mark O. Robbins, and S. Wojciech Sokolowski.


Nothing to Fear but Fearmongering Itself

Professor Filipe Campante’s research and recent working paper investigate the impact of 2014 media coverage and fear of Ebola may have had on the elections.

Developing a Digital Picture of Race

Assistant Professor Jessica Marie Johnson’s research stretches across the Atlantic, travels back and forth in time, and traverses analog and digital space.


More Faculty Books

Faculty books published in 2020 that focus on democracy, divinity, the business of science and invention, and much more.

The Push and Pull of American Democracy

Robert Lieberman’s new book, Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy, discusses the pillars democratic government rests on, and the most serious threats that jeopardize it.

Student Research

Field Notes: Lucie in the Sky with Software

Sophomore Lucie Afko is working to improve detectors on the Cosmology Large Angular Scale Survey telescope. The telescope project is trying to find out what happened in the first few moments of the universe, or cosmic dawn.

Field Notes: Conquer the Divide

Senior Niat Habtemariam is working to find the cause of holoprosencephaly, or when an embryo’s brain doesn’t divide into left and right hemispheres, with the Reeves Lab.

Field Notes: Cell Knowledge

Taharat Sheikh is working on a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, focused on the role of the faith community in welcoming recently incarcerated Muslim women back into society.

Field Notes: Double Feature

Brothers Curtis and Thomas Nishimoto recently collaborated on screenwriting and production on the fantasy film Nurikabe.


Syllabus: Past Meets Present Among the Tiles

The Antioch Recovery Project course, part of the Krieger School’s Classics Research Lab, is an experimental pedagogical model marked by collaboration and the opportunity for students to contribute to a long-term stream of research.

Major Infatuation: Public Health

Hear from students what they love about majoring in Public Health.


Reducing Military Suicides

Alums Brian Kinsella, Craig Gridelli, and Nick Black returned from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to form Stop Solider Suicide, a nonprofit that provides interventions for soldiers and veterans who are at risk of suicide.

Louise Erdrich: CV

Catch up with alumnus Louise Erdrich, award-winning novelist and short story author.

The Eyes Have It

Ethnie Jones, BA ’83, MD ’87, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract surgery as a partner at the Virginia Eye Institute.

A Path to Public Service

Molly Dillon ’11, wrote the New York Times best seller Yes She Can, and spent last year on a national book tour talking to crowds of young people about her time in the Obama White House. She was previously the policy advisor for Urban Affairs, Justice and Opportunity in the Domestic Policy Council during the Obama Administration.

Alumni Kudos: Fall 2020

Krieger school alumni to watch.

Alumni to Watch

Alumni to watch includes Samuel Cheney, Kiara Eldred, Nicole Gaudelli, and David Jones.

On Campus

Five Questions: Renee Eastwood

Renee Eastwood is the Krieger School’s Director of Academic and Student Affairs for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Class of 2024

Get a closer look at the Class of 2024.

Growth Mindset

Get the breakdown of what it’s like to work in the JHU Greenhouse, wit the Botanical Laboratory and Decker Gardens.

Then and Now: The Greenhouse

Then and Now comparing JHU’s Greenhouse when it was built in 1908, and now.