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Issue: Spring 2020, Volume 17, Number 2


FastForward to Entrepreneurship

From making a smart golf ball to teaching students how to DJ, FastForward U is an incubator for startups.

over shoulder view of laptop Zoom class

‘We Have to Keep This Going’

With unsettling speed, a global pandemic changed everything, everywhere. At the Krieger School, faculty and students have been quick to adapt and respond. We share some of their stories from early spring, just before the magazine went to press.

Valuing the Vote

On the eve of the 2020 U.S. elections, we asked experts for some of their insights on voting.


It was a good season for the women’s fencing team, first formed at Johns Hopkins in 1974.


Krieger School Leads Commemoration of Women’s Suffrage

Johns Hopkins and the Krieger School are celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage with a full year of events.

What Are You Reading?

Krieger School professors discuss their current best reads: We That Are Young, The Last Man, and Locke and Key.

Faculty Awards

Almost 20 faculty awards for Spring 2020, including fellowships, prizes, professorships and more. Find out what our faculty have been up to this year.

Dean Beverly Wendland Named Provost at Washington University

Beverly Wendland, current Krieger School dean, has been appointed the next provost of Washington University in St. Louis.

Seen & Heard: Joel Schildbach

Look who’s talking: Joel Schildbach of the Krieger School on using online instruction.

New Associate Dean Named

Meet Rachel Hitchcock, Krieger’s new associate dean for external affairs.

Seen & Heard: Ho-Fung Hung

Look who’s talking: Ho-Fung Hung of the Krieger School on coronavirus and government repression in Hong Kong.

Seen & Heard: Yascha Mounk

Look who’s talking: Yascha Mounk of the Krieger School on social distancing.

Seen & Heard: Emily Fisher

Look who’s talking: Emily Fisher of the Krieger School on adapting to the virtual environment.

In Memoriam

We remember James Taylor, professor of Biology; Stephen Dixon, retired Professor in Writing Seminars; John Irwin, Decker Professor in the Humanities emeritus; and Yung Keun Lee, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Works in Progress: Marina Bedny

Cognitive scientist Marina Bedny and colleagues showed that the purpose is very similar across most blind people, indicating the existence of an organizing system responsible for the repurposing process.

Works in Progress: Samuel Spinner

Faculty Samuel Spinner is working on a new book focusing on holocaust museums and literature, and lost parts of Jewish culture and history.


More Faculty Books

2019-2020 books from Krieger School faculty covering noncommutative geometry, poetry collections, new vantage points on the “war on crime,” and more.

Considering What Might Have Been

Andrew Miller’s book On Not Being Someone Else: Tales of Our Unled Lives rediscovers classic texts, and our own lives, if the authors or characters had made different choices.

Student Research

Field Notes: Future Imperfect? Gender in the Genre

Writing Seminars student Dominique Dickey is working on a book project about science fiction from a nonbinary gender perspective.

Field Notes: Fluid Movement

Valerie Gomez ’21, has contributed to pivotal research on multiciliated cells with the Holland Lab.

Field Notes: Chinese Characters

Alan Fang ’20 discusses his novel in progress about interconnected people crossing pivotal moments of Chinese history.

Field Notes: Ballot Boxing

Aarushi Krishnan ’23 is studying the passage of the 19th amendment with the Sheridan Libraries Special Collections Fellowship.


Major Infatuation: Economics

Students tell us why they love being an economics major.

Syllabus: A close look inside the classroom

Derek Schilling’s For the Record class covered the music, art, culture, and social movements of 20th century expat life in Paris, culminating with an international symposium that reunited some of the original performers.


Colin Camerer: CV

Catch up with alumnus Colin Camerer, Behavioral Economist.

Finding Common Ground Around the Globe

Cameron Munter MA ’78, PhD ’84, spent 30 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, under four presidents and in locales ranging from Poland to Pakistan.

Soul Searching

Jae Jin, A&S’08, left behind a budding medical career to start an award-winning, global music career.

Alumni Kudos: Spring 2020

Krieger school alumni to watch.

Alumni to Watch

Alumni to watch in spring 2020 including Emma Needle, Reecha Pandya and Nhan Tran.

Easing the Mind

Alyson Friedensohn, A&S’12, and her company Modern Health developed an app that provides a mental health well-being platform for companies and employees.

On Campus

By the Numbers: Johns Hopkins Student Groups

Get the breakdown of JHU’s many student groups.

Then and Now: Phones

Then and Now comparing JHU communicating today and in the past. Check out the flashback photo.

Change of Pace

Between the fall and spring semesters, Johns Hopkins offers Intersession courses, which gives students a chance to explore new fields and interests, as well as Baltimore City.

Five Questions: Kevin Shollenberger

Kevin Shollenberger is Johns Hopkins’ inaugural vice provost for student health and well-being.